Greek airline AEGEAN to provide passengers with Wi-Fi access


Greek airline AEGEAN is taking another big step toward improving its passengers’ travel experience by providing Wi-Fi access, new digital services and upgraded digital entertainment content, the company announced on Thursday.

Focusing on the passenger and the technological possibilities offered by the new fleet of 46 AIRBUS 320 and 321neo aircraft, AEGEAN is upgrading the travel experience on its flights, offering its passengers the option of accessing the internet during their flight and enjoying entertainment content through of its new digital platform. From Thursday, all AEGEAN passengers traveling on one of the already equipped AIRBUS neo aircraft will have the opportunity to both browse the internet, manage their emails, access social media and messaging applications, as well as download video and audio content. As new aircraft are received and the fleet is gradually equipped, more and more passengers will be able to use the AEGEAN Wi-Fi onboard service.

All passengers will be able to try the service for free for 10 minutes with the “Free 10′” package, while those who wish to maintain their access to the service during the flight can choose the “Text and surf” package or the “Stream” package for greater speed and additional ability to watch videos or listen to audio on the Internet.

The “Stream” service package will be available free of charge to all Business Class passengers. Respectively, the “Text & Surf” package will be offered free of charge to the Gold members of the Miles + Bonus program, while similar benefits will be offered in the future to other special categories of passengers. Thus, passengers will be able to stay connected to the internet and at the same time enjoy through the upgraded entertainment platform, TV series, documentaries, children’s programmes, music choices and fun games for the young and old.