GREEK HOOLIGANISM: Footballers brutally beaten following minute silence for Alkis' murder (VIDEO)

football hooligan

Three football players were injured and a coach was treated for severe rib fractures after a horrific brawl in the A1 of Halkidiki local championship - the irony is that the football match started with a minute of silence for the murder of Alkis by PAOK fans.

The match was interrupted in the 75th minute due to clashes between the players of both teams.

As seen in the video, this was followed by a pitch invasion.

Three football players of the host team and its coach, received brutal blows, as you can see in the video.

The coach of AS Anthemous Galatista, Giannis Kartas, had to be hospitalised with severe fractures in the body and face which were caused by the hooligans savage blows.

"It was a cowardly and unjustified attack against our coach and our three football players," the president of AS Anthemous Galatista, Nikos Koutziaris, told Proto Thema.

According to the outlet, the prosecutor has already intervened.

This latest incident comes only days after Alkis Kambanos, a 19-year-old student and Aris fan, was murdered in an incident involving hooligans from a rival club.

Police arrested a man in connection with the incident after he was identified by one of the victims.

The accused is a member of the Palaion Patron Germanou Street PAOK fan club and has a history of violence-related offenses, including charges of assault with a bladed weapon in 2019 near the scene of the recent murder.

Fans of Thessaloniki side Aris hoisted banners paying tribute to Alkis in their home grounds, two days after he was murdered.

Vice-Prosecutor of Areios Pagos, Greece’s supreme court, Zacharias Kokkinakis, sent a notification to the country’s court of first instance prosecutors on Friday, urging for their vigilance in the prevention and drastic tackling of crimes deriving from sports violence.

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