SPARTA: Attempted rape by a Pakistani against a woman in the middle of the street

attempted rape sparta

A case of attempted rape was taken by the Sparta police authorities as a 40-year-old man of Pakistani origin attempting to assault a 22-year-old woman on the morning of February 18.

The Prosecutor of Sparta filed a criminal prosecution against the 40-year-old for the attempted rape of the 22-year-old in the centre of the Peloponnesian town.

According to FLY News, the incident took place in the early hours of the morning.

The girl, of Greek origin, was returning from work at a restaurant and stopped at the Piraeus Bank ATM on K Palaiologou Street.

Immediately after, this short stop, she continued walking to her house.

Then she realised that a man was following her and she immediately called her friend, expressing her strong concern.

At the intersection of Lykourgou and Leonidou streets, the criminal took the mobile phone from her hands and attacked her.

The shocked girl shouted and tried to escape from Leonidou Street, but the criminal just outside the Military Club attacked her again.

The attacker threw her on the sidewalk, tried to take off her pants and rape her.

The girl’s friend had reached the spot, pushed the perpetrator and prevented the worst.

At that moment, the police arrived and arrested the 40-year-old Pakistani.

The perpetrator asked for and received a deadline of February 22 to testify.

This incident comes as police arrested last month two Pakistanis, aged 21 and 19, after a 15-year-old compatriot said he had been raped in a rural area of Messinia, not far from Sparta.

The 15-year-old was reportedly abducted and raped by his two compatriots, who were arrested on Thursday in Filiatra, Messinia.

According to ERT, the 15-year-old complained that three people on New Year’s Day abducted him from the area of ​​Platanos in Pylia and after transferring him to a rural area, raped him.

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