Witness in John Macris murder trial murdered by Mexican hitman

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The trial for the execution of  46-year-old Greek Australian businessman John Macris commenced yesterday, but the main witness in the case was killed last Sunday by a Mexican hitman who had just been released from Korydallos prison reports Proto Thema.

According to the news outlet, the Mexican hitman, who came to Greece as a dancer in 2005, and even participated in a reality show, had been  arrested with 4 kilos of cocaine, and  released from prison a few days ago. From there he allegedly went to Bulgaria where he received orders to executive the key witness in the Macris trial.

44-year-old Victor Omar

According to police analysts the Mexican, 44-year-old Victor Omar was likely contracted inside Korydallos prison by the people behind the murder of John Macris to "clean up" the main prosecution witness in the murder case. The big question for Greek police is to find out who was the contractor who hired Omar for the hit.

46-year-old Greek Australian John Macris, also known as the “Australo” (Aussie) was murdered outside his home at Panorama in Voula, Athens in 2018.

The killer waited for the victim outside his home on Troias Street and as soon as he entered his car, he shot him on the side of the co-driver seat with three bullets.

The 46-year-old tried to get out of his car and dropped to the ground, where he was again shot and killed.

Loud screaming and crying were heard by neighbours, who they believe was the victim’s wife.

In April 2019 Greek police arrested and charged a Bulgarian man over the suspected contract killing of  John Macris.

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The Bulgarian man was arrested  in the Glyfada neighbourhood of Athens after CCTV captured the assassination, with footage showing a man in a baseball cap firing a handgun through the side window of Macris’ car, and then pursuing him and continuing to fire as Macris ran from the car.

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