Professor Stylianou on EU's decision to ban RT, Sputnik: "Media should not be silenced"

RT Sputnik Stylianouo

Aris Stylianou, Head Professor at the Department of Political Science at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, expressed his disagreement over the ban on Sputnik and RT by the European Union - or on any other country for that matter.

The whole statement of Professor Stylianou

"Of course, condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war of aggression - it must stop immediately and peace must be achieved through diplomacy and negotiations - but I have to note that we must not be overwhelmed by anti-Russian hysteria.

"Russia is a European country, it has been involved in the cultural development of Europe for centuries, it has a huge literature, art and contribution to European and world culture, so we must be careful how we treat the Russian people and culture.

"This includes the media, which in the context of the European acquis of freedom of the press and the right to information should not be silenced by media, news agencies, channels, radios, newspapers from any country and of course in a war there is propaganda from all sides.

"We should not be deprived of the opportunity to have a multifaceted information and the citizen to judge through a pluralism of information what they will hold and what they will believe.

"So I do not agree with the embargo on culture or information to specific countries."

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