Hrysoula Stefanaki performs at the Sphinx, Athens


Beloved singer Hrysoula Stefanaki will be taking audiences on a musical trip through time on the Sphinx music stage in Athens on Thursday, March 24th.

Audiences will get to listen to songs by composers and performers with whom she collaborated with such as the legendary Giannis Spanos, George Chatzinassios, Mimis Plessas, Vicky Moscholou, Dimitris Mitropanos and others.

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From Herakleion, Crete where she grew up, singer Hrysoula Stefanaki has always had music in her veins, and began piano lessons and singing from the age of six at her local music conservatory. This came after her parents saw her enthusiastically tapping away at her toy keyboard at five, creating melodies that poured from her imagination.

“Music is my life!” she tells Greek City Times. A rising star with a velvety, emotionally rich voice, who often sings retro/jazz/classic style songs, Stefanaki is a rising star not only in her native land but also way beyond its borders. “I feel it’s my life’s mission and greatest passion to sing for Greek audiences and not only, for everyone who loves Greek music. But my greatest goal is to reach the hearts of Greeks worldwide and share the words and sounds that I sing,” she says.

Since her singing career launched in 1996, when she performed with Manolis Lidakis, she began performing in Greece and abroad with other acclaimed Greek artists, such as Stefanos Korkolis, Vicky Moscholiou, Yannis Spanos, Mimis Plessas, Dimitris Mitropanos, Kostas Makedomas, Glykeria, and Manolis Misias. “I feel so happy and privileged to have performed with so many wonderful artists who have offered to much to Greece’s contemporary musical culture and history,” says Stefanaki.

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