Greek Festival of Sydney hosts major retrospective exhibition by Effy Alexakis

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The Greek Festival of Sydney is hosting an exhibition by renown Greek Australian photographer Effy Alexakis between 27 March – 3 April 2022 at the N. Smith Gallery
Paddington, NSW.

The exhibition, titled "Forty Photographs - a year at a time" will be launched  on 29th March @ 6.30pm.

When invited by the Greek Festival Chair Ms Nia Karteris to present an exhibition for the 40th year celebration of the Greek Festival of Sydney in 2022, Alexakis selected an image for every year, as her own documentary photographic work had also reached this milestone.

She accessed her vast archive on the Greek-Australian experience and selected one contemporary image to represent each year in order to reveal the changing face of Greek-Australians since 1982.

Each photograph evidences salient aspects or elements significant to the personal journey of the photographer and her evolving understanding of her community and heritage – both within Australia and overseas – and in so doing, provides a unique visual insight into the ongoing story of Greek-Australia.

All photographs are titled and captioned offering viewers a deeper personal interaction.

Alexakis’ visual odyssey offers Greek-Australian viewers a unique look at their immediate past by one of their own, and the broader Australian community, a personal visual diary documenting one of its most emblematic cultural groups within the flux and challenges of a contemporary multicultural society.