RHODES: Greek and Albanian acquitted for rape, English woman accused of false accusations

RHODES court

A 26-year-old Englishwoman, who said she was gang raped, will face a Three-Member Criminal Court of Rhodes, accused of false accusation and defamation of a 21-year-old Albanian and a 23-year-old Greek.

The two young men have been acquitted by the Mixed Jury Court of Kos for rape committed by two perpetrators who acted together.

The court accepted the prosecutor's acquittal, stating that the objective nature of the rape was not substantiated, adding that there was a consensus throughout the proceedings, as emerged from the evidentiary procedure.

The defendants' attorneys presented to the court photos from social media posts and websites in England that really surprised the audience.

The defendants had been released on the restrictive conditions of being banned from leaving the country and appearing twice a month at the police station closest to their place of residence.

They had sued the English woman, claiming from the first moment that she was lying.

In fact, the forensic report confirmed that the sex that had was with her own free will.

The background of the case:

The case started on July 30, 2017. The woman claimed that the two men raped her in a room behind a restaurant.

The 26-year-old worked in a health store in Lindos and developed a relationship with the 21-year-old, who worked in the same store. He had seen the latter several times in another store in the same area where he worked.

The 26 -year-old and the 21-year- old went to the store, where the 22-year-old worked for fun.

The 21-year-old informed her that they would be hosting a gathering at the house where they were staying. According to the complaint, after they all went together to eat at a bakery, they ended up in a room, where she claimed was the first time she had been there.

Her partner started, as she said, kissing her and at some point the second one appeared on the scene, wearing only his underwear.

The 21-year-old, as she claimed, asked her to kiss him and she refused and at some point he immobilised her with the weight of his body, took off her underwear and lifted her skirt, while the other was looking.

Then they allegedly forced her into indecent acts and had sexual intercourse with her, successively.

According to Dimokratiki, all this was not true and now the 26-year-old is expected to be accused of a case that she set up and started herself.

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