Panagiotopoulos says "now is not the time to speak against Turkey" as Turkish jets violate Greek airspace 90x in a SINGLE day

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Greek Defence Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos said that due to the war in Ukraine, "now is not the best time to speak against Turkey in NATO" despite Turkey continuing its daily violations of Greek airspace.

He made this comment despite Turkey's provocation over the Aegean Sea "hitting red" as its air force violated Greek air space 90 times in a single day.

At the same time, there were four flights over the island of Panagia and Oinousses.

Specifically, a pair of Turkish F-16 fighter jets made four overflights on Thursday over Panagia and Oinousses.

At 18:33 the Turkish F-16 flew over Panagia and Oinousses while they performed another overflight on the same islands at 18:35, all at 26,000 feet.

As it became known from Greek military authorities, 21 Turkish aircraft flew over the Aegean Sea (12 F-16s, three unmanned UAVs, two CN-235 spy planes, two helicopters and two ATR-72 anti-submarines).

Of the 12 fighter jets, six were armed and in two cases there were dog fights with Greek aircraft.

Turkish aircraft flew to the Northeast, Central and Southeast Aegean and recorded 20 violations of air traffic rules at the Athens Flight Information Region.

According to Greek miitary authorities, the Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted in accordance with international rules and in accordance with established practice.

The sharp rise in Turkish provocation over the Aegean is directly related to the large "Blue Homeland" military exercise of the Turkish Armed Forces in the Eastern Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas at the same time as the war in Ukraine is waging.

The exercise, which began on Monday and will last until April 21, aims to increase combat readiness levels, but is also being used by Ankara to substantiate its baseless allegations and provocative claims about a "Blue Homeland", mainly in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean.

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Turkey's envisioned Blue Homeland that aims to steal Greek islands and maritime space.

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