Cyprus: Three people mutilated by firecrackers on the night of the Resurrection, amputations needed

firecrackers Cyprus

In Cyprus, three people were seriously injured outside churches by crackers on Holy Saturday night, Proto Thema reported.

Specifically, the first incident concerns a 17-year-old in the Acropolis area in Nicosia, who was injured in the hand by a cracker.

The incident happened shortly before 9PM, when the cracker he tried to throw, fired at his hand, resulting in amputation of two fingers of his right hand.

The second incident concerns a 35-year-old man in Geri, also in Nicosia, who was also injured by a cracker and suffered amputation of two fingers of his left hand.

Finally, the third incident concerns a 34-year-old man in the village of Malounda, who in his attempt to remove an explosive device, he exploded, as a result of which he lost his left arm.

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