Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord - Arcade (Duncan Laurence Cover) - Greece 🇬🇷 - Eurovision House Party 2022

Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord

Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord will represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin with the song Die Together. She recorded this cover version of Duncan Laurence's Arcade, especially for the Eurovision House Party.

You can watch the Official Music Video for Die Together here:


There wasn’t a eureka moment in Amanda Georgiadis Tenfjord’s life where realised she was musical. She just always has been. The half greek 24-year-old singer from Norway began playing piano aged five, and from then it was almost destined in some capacity that she would live her life in music.

The 24-year old’s confidence gives way to sing-a-long pop hooks, while her modesty grounds each song with deep and resonant humanity. Her’s is pop music that makes you feel alive.

While as a teenager she had started to write her own material and was even recording and releasing bits and bobs online for fun, it never felt serious.

In fact, up until very recently, Amanda Georgiadis was training to be a doctor. While studying medicine, she continued to write music and enter music contests, and it was for fun that she decided to sign up for a showcase festival in Trondheim, where she caught the eye of a record label and, just like that, she was signed.

However, while Amanda’s journey might seem serendipitous, her talent is not.

Her debut EP, the aptly titled ‘First Impression’, offered a promising introduction to an artist with a clear, inherent sense of how to craft pop music.

Since then, Amanda Georgiadis has released a second EP and received praise from all around the world for her writing talent and her unique voice. Currently, she’s writing new material, touring and figuring out what being a popstar constitutes for her.

What is certain, though, is how much growth as an artist the last few years have granted her.

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