Celebrating International Dance Day

By 5 months ago

"Dance. Did you say, dance?"- Zorba

In 1982, at the initiative of the International Dance Committee, April 29th was proclaimed by UNESCO as International Dance Day.

The art of dance allows us to communicate through the expression of the body, feelings, moments, and situations. Most importantly, it will enable us to show the world its roots, traditions, and essence.

To celebrate International Dance Day, we share a throwback of a yiayia (grandmother) dancing an amazing Tsamiko filled with heart and soul at a Pascha Panygiri (festival) in Nafpaktos. In 2019, proving that age is just a number!

At first, Yiayia danced with her walking stick, then she put it down and danced in the front of the line while singing her heart out.


  • Happy International Dance Day 2022!

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