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Stephen Fry Calls for Return of Parthenon Marbles, Likens Removal to Nazi Theft

Stephen Fry has compared the removal of the Parthenon Marbles from Greece to Nazi Germany seizing the Arc de Triomphe. In an interview on the Australian TV series “Stuff the British Stole,” Fry argued for the British Museum to return the ancient sculptures to Greece, emphasizing that it would be a “classy” and meaningful gesture. He highlighted the deep cultural significance of the marbles to Athens and criticized historical justifications for their retention in London.

Minoan feat

4000-Year-Old Monumental Minoan Structure Unearthed During Excavation at Kastelli Airfield

Greece’s Culture Ministry said Tuesday that the structure is a “unique and extremely interesting find” from Crete’s Minoan civilization, famous for its sumptuous palaces, flamboyant art and enigmatic writing system. Resembling a huge car wheel from above, the ruins of the labyrinthine, 1,800-square-meter (19,000-square-foot) building came to light during a recent dig by archaeologists.

Culture Minister Mendoni

Greek Culture Minister Unveils Action Plan to Protect Antiquities from Climate Change

Culture Minister Lina Mendoni has highlighted the urgent need to protect Greece’s antiquities from climate change. At a Crete conference, she unveiled a plan, including a pilot project funded by the European Recovery and Resilience Facility, to ensure the sustainability of key archaeological sites by 2025. The seminar, supported by the Greek Ministry of Culture and the U.S. Embassy, focuses on developing adaptation strategies for cultural heritage.

Wiggles cover

The Wiggles Go Greek!

The Wiggles and the Hellenic Studies Foundation have teamed up to introduce “Learning Greek with Lucia!” This initiative aims to inspire young learners to discover the beauty of the Greek language through engaging activities and educational content.

Glory Days: Tommy Bayiokos Journeys from Grief to Growth

Glory Days: Tommy Bayiokos' Journey from Grief to Growth

In the wake of his relationship with Grammy nominated and iconic 80’s singer and songwriter Laura Branigan, Greek American actor and musician Tommy Bayiokos opens up about his multifaceted career, heartfelt reflections, and enduring passion for music and performance.

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