New rape allegation filed against a director in Greece


Among the recent rape trials involving high-profile professionals from the theatre, film and music industry, another allegation was made on Tuesday by a well-known actress in a lawsuit filed against a director, whom she accuses of raping her in 2010.

In the complaint, the actress said at the beginning of the summer of 2010, the director asked her out for dinner. She said that after a few drinks she felt dizzy and that all she remembers was regaining consciousness in his car while he was having sex with her.

“I opened my eyes. We were in his car and he had penetrated me with his penis and was having sex with me,” she said, adding she “froze in fear” before starting to kick, scream and cry.

“I was scared for my life. And I thought if I went out on the street alone something worse might happen, so he drove us to a club where we met our friends,” she added.