Cyprus the only EU country where the majority does not hold Russia responsible for the war in Ukraine

Cyprus Stands With Ukraine

Cyprus is the only country in the European Union where the majority of the population does not hold Russia responsible for the war in Ukraine.

According to statistical finding of the European Commission's Flash Eurobarometer 506 report, when Cypriot respondents were asked how responsible are Russian authorities first and foremost for the current situation in Ukraine, 21% said "totally agree" and 24% "tend to agree."

However, 23% said "totally disagree" and 28% said "tend to disagree." The remainder said "don't know."

Overall, it turns out that 51% of Cypriots opposed such a statement.

After Cyprus, the highest rates were recorded in Bulgaria (46%), but also in Greece (45%) where 27% fully agree with the fact that the Russians are responsible for the war and 24% tend to agree with it (total 51%). 22% of respondents in Greece said "totally disagree" and 23% said "tend to disagree" with the statement.

In Cyprus, the lowest percentage of those who were satisfied with the NATO reaction to the launch of the special military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine was recorded (18%), followed by the Greeks (24%). The greatest approval in the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance are from the Danes (69%).

Cyprus ranks penultimate in the EU in terms of the percentage of those who approve of anti-Russian sanctions with 48% (Bulgaria ranks last with 44%) and also closes the list of those who supported the sanctions measures taken against rich Russians (46%).

In addition, Bulgaria and Cyprus are at the top of the list of countries that believe that Ukraine is a member of the European family (48% each).

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