Woman in Thessaloniki shouts at Tsipras: "Traitor, Macedonia is Greece"

Alexis Tsipras Thessaloniki Macedonia is Greece

A woman verbally abused the president of the SYRIZA opposition party, Alexis Tsipras , at noon on Wednesday during his tour in the Thessaloniki neighbourhood of Polichni.

In particular, the incident occurred after Tsipras' walk in the local market of Polichni and the security personnel of the opposition leader immediately mobilised.

After his statements, a woman approached him and started shouting: "Traitor, Macedonia is Greece."

Security immediately intervened and removed her while she continued to protest.

Watch the video:

According to local SYRIZA executives, this woman is widely known in the region for her views, which echo those of Golden Dawn.

In another incident, a woman went up to Tsipras and hugged him asked him to pay attention to her and insisted on whether he will cut Uniform Real Estate Property Tax (ENFIA).

He tried to go on the counterattack, saying that bills did not even increase by one euro under SYRIZA.

"Did your electricity bill during SYRIZA increase by one euro?" the opposition asked her.

The woman quipped back: "I get a pension of 400 euros!" and asked again if he was going to "cut" ENFIA if he is elected as prime minister.

Tsipras said: "I cannot promise that I will cut ENFIA, but I will reduce bills".

Despite the disagreements, there was a happy ending as the woman said to him: "My beautiful Tsipraki ... come so I can kiss you!"

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