Greece set to allow same-sex civil marriage

same-sex civil marriage LGBTQI+

The right to same-sex civil marriage is being seriously considered by the Greek government.

The government has in principle accepted the request of the LGBTQI community, however, according to In, it is delayed because the lawyers dealing with the regulation have not yet settled on the issue related to rights in marriages of this kind.

A serious legislative initiative is also required in order to bypass the decision No. 1428/2017 of the Supreme Court by which the civil marriage between persons of the same sex was deemed non-existent.

The Supreme Court had ratified a relevant decision of the Dodecanese Court of Appeal.

Help from France

As stated, among other things, in this decision, "under the legal status in Greece, which does not mean political marriage between homosexuals, and is another question whether there is a need for relevant legislation, like several European countries have already done."

It is recalled that the Dodecanese Court of Appeal had annulled the marriage of two people of the same sex that had taken place at the town hall of Tilos.

Sources state that the Greek Ministry of Justice has requested the assistance of the corresponding ministry of France, where not only same-sex civil marriage is allowed, but they are also recognised with full equal rights in relation to children of the couple.

This will be a reform cut in what applies to human rights in Greece.

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