LARISSA: Three Pakistani men attempted to gang rape Bulgarian woman

rape skiathos sexual assault

Three illegal immigrants from Pakistan, aged 35, 25 and 28, were arrested on charges of attempted rape following an allegation from a 40-year-old Bulgarian national.

The 40-year-old and her 43-year-old Afghan companion live together in a ground floor apartment in Larissa, and according to local media, the Afghan rented a room to the three Pakistanis.

Last night, while the Afghan was absent from work, the three roommates - as the 40-year-old alleged - attempted to rape her using physical force, while removing her clothes and underwear.

She herself resisted, with the three perpetrators ultimately not achieving their goal.

The three Pakistani nationals, as well as the Afghan, were arrested by police and taken to the Prosecutor General's Office.

The Afghan was released, while he was referred to the Autophorous Criminal Court, accused of illegally facilitating the residence in Greece of the three accused of rape, who do not have the necessary residency documents.

It should be noted that the three accused are testifying but remain in custody.

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