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Georgia Constance is a boutique party wear brand based in Sydney, Australia that launched in 2020.

Drawing on her Greek heritage, founder and designer Georgia Constance owes her concept to the island of Mykonos.

Get to know Georgia Constance

1. What coffee do you drink? Latte
2. What do you never leave home without? Lipbalm & my phone!
3. What would we find in your handbag? Phone, makeup, earphones, my diary and receipts from 2 years ago!
4. Favourite go-to make-up product? Anything Charlotte Tilbury!
5. Favourite Travel destination/s Greece/UK. Corinth/Athens & London to be specific.
6. Go to Perfume– Chanel Gardenia & Gucci Bloom.
7. Favourite Jewellery Brand – Balyck Jewellery & Mayol
8. What Greek singer would we catch you singing to, in the car? Remos or Kaiti Garbi
9. What is your favourite Greek food? My yiayia's Spanokopita
10. What do you prefer - heels or flat shoes? Heels, always.

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What inspired you to create party wear?
In 2018 I was sitting on my deck chair at a beach club in Mykonos and I was admiring all the beautiful beach ensembles that girls had put together. It was then I decided, I’d love to create a partywear brand that was infused with a resort wear vibe, where you could easily slip a piece over your bikini to dine in the restaurant.  I was seeking to create something that was comfortable yet fabulous.

Sequins are such a key part of your brand's DNA. Was that the vision from the beginning?
My heart pumps sequins and they are a part of my DNA! So when creating a brand, I knew that that was going to be my focus. I believe that sequins make you feel special, and instantly uplift your mood and I always want people to feel the ‘wow’ factor.

Each sequin pattern, style and colour are unique to the brand and I always want to evoke a sense of emotion, each time a piece is worn. I want each person to sparkle on the outside, as much as they do on the inside!

What challenges have you experienced?
The biggest challenge for me, other than trying to navigate the pandemic, was sourcing a supplier.  I needed to find a supplier, that would accommodate small batches, high quality, and unique beading designs. I turned to India, as they have the most incredible artisans over there, who are highly skilled in sequin and beading designs.

High quality and minimum batches were also important to me, as I wanted to be more sustainable in my approach and not create a surplus amount of stock. I wanted pieces to last, and to be worn over again. Fast fashion has taken a toll on our planet, therefore I only create a few pieces per design.

Each piece is hand-beaded and hand-stitched & often I am sewing the tags on myself. Brushing up on my sewing skills has also been a challenge in itself! My yiayia was a seamstress, so I watched her whilst I was growing up. Whilst my skill set is nowhere near hers, I still get by.

What do you focus on when designing your pieces?
I really wanted to focus on the flexibility of the garments. There is nothing worse than wearing a sequin garment that’s ridged and that cuts into your underarm, especially in the summer heat. Most of my pieces are just a double layer of mesh, which allows them to be both moveable and breathable.

I also concentrate on cuts and styles that I love. They may not be “in fashion” or on the major runways, but they are designs that hold a place in my heart and that are authentic to me.

There are many party destinations in the world, which call for garments to go from beach to bar in the same sitting and within the confines of what you pack with you.

I wanted the same sequin piece to be worn with jeans, a bikini bottom,  a beach sarong or high waisted leather pants.

So this is always in the back of my mind when designing, can I wear this both with jeans or a bikini or with flats or heels?

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What part of Greece are you the most drawn to?
Although my brand was born out of Mykonos, my heart belongs to Corinth. My maternal grandfather was born in Corinth and although I never got to meet him it’s where I feel the most connected.

Athens is also my favourite city in the world, and I try and spend as much time there as possible! The Athenian vibe is like no other and the city inspires me so much. It just comes so alive, there is always something to do or always somewhere to go. It’s magic.

What next for Georgia Constance?
I’d love to open my first flagship store, in either Australia or Greece! But for now, I will continue to concentrate on designing and spreading the party vibe.

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