Cleaner Hanny Papanicolaou jailed for Ashbury murder of elderly client Marjorie Welsh


Hanny Papanicolaou, a Sydney cleaner who murdered her 92yo client, Marjorie Welsh, in 2019 has been sentenced to a minimum 15 years imprisonment. She will be eligible for parole in 2034. Hanny wept as her sentence was read.

Later from a stretcher in hospital while Ms Welsh was being wheeled into surgery she told police what happened next. 

"She greeted me as she usually does most affectionately," the Crown says the conscious and lucid woman recalled.

"I've never seen anything else but kindness from her.

"She stood back and this, from smiling, she became an absolute dynamo."

After the beating with her stick "every which way," she lay on the ground while the cleaner forcefully hurled china down upon her.

"And I'm saying 'why Hanny why' ... not a word. And then she went back to beating me with the stick.

"I don't know how many times, she was utterly ferocious."

At some point Papanicolaou used a knife from the cutlery drawer to stab Ms Welsh six times in the lower chest and abdomen, Mr Taylor said. 

Ms Welsh remembered her emergency medical alarm around her neck, and pressed the button while Papanicolaou stole her cordless phone and "bolted" back to her car.

She suffered multiple deep bleeding lacerations to her muscles and small intestines, fractures around her eyes, cheekbones and nose, and other serious injuries. 

Papanicolaou from Indonesia returned to her Australian husband "upset" before leaving and was arrested that same day. 

In an interview recorded shortly after she was stabbed and bludgeoned by Papanicolaou on January 2, 2019, Ms Welsh said the attack had robbed her of her 'dream world' of feeling comfortable and happy within her home.

Ms Welsh died in hospital six weeks after being bashed and stabbed in her inner west Sydney home.