Turkish media: "Mitsotakis' statements are provocative, Greece violates our airspace"

Turkish media Mitsotakis

The crescendo of provocative statements from Turkish media and analysts against Greece continues, which every day creates a negative atmosphere in the Turkish public opinion against our country and the Mitsotakis government.

In the pro-government network HABER GLOBAL, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was accused of "provocative statements" for the response he gave from Davos to Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan.

At the same time, once again, Turkey is falsely presented as a "victim" of so-called Greek violations in the Aegean Sea.

"President Erdoğan had strictly stated that 'for me there is no Mitsotakis anymore'," Haber Global said. "In statements made by Mitsotakis from Davos, he stated that 'We want to keep the channels of communication with Turkey open'."

"But he continued his provocative statements and accused Turkey of violating airspace in the Aegean.

"Mitsotakis spoke at the World Economic Forum organised in Davos. He claimed that with his appeal to the Congress, he defended the sovereign rights of his country.

"Once again, Mitsotakis tried to hide the airspace violations committed by Greece in the Aegean and continued to accuse Turkey."

On CNN Türk, the analyst - pollster Hakan Bayrakçı, claimed that: "Greece gained its independence in 1821 with the help of Russia."

"In general, there is a fear among Greeks about Turkey and the Turks. It has existed for a long time," he said.

"If you look at it in reality - and I say this as an objective historian - although I am a patriot - that they are partly right in these fears.

"Because we reached here around 1000 and while all these coasts belonged to the Byzantine state, we understood them just fine. And we sent them off from here.

:And as if that was not enough, we went around 1400 and for 300-400 years we ruled Athens with a prefect.

"Now if they do not hesitate towards us, then towards whom will they hesitate?

"In 1821 they gained their independence from us and in fact with the help of Russia."

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