Akis Petretzikis receives YouTube's Gold Play Button for reaching 1,000,000 subscribers!

akis petretzikis

At his best is Akis Petretzikis, the beloved Greek chef who has now reached over a million subscribers on his own YouTube channel where he presents recipes and cooking tips.

Overjoyed and happy, he announced receiving the Gold Play Button for reaching 1,000,000 subscribers.

"The golden play button for the...1.000.000 subscribers has just arrived in my office! 🎉 I would never be able to take this photo without all of you! Thank you everyone! 😍," Akis Petrtzikis wrote on Instagram.

As expected, the chef's post gathered endless likes and many congratulations.


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What Petretzikis said about his shows

In an earlier interview with Eleonora Meleti, Akis Petretzikis had said that he does all the shows himself: "I do all the shows myself because I want to have as little product placement, the psychological and financial cost is big […] but this is my whole life job!"

"I have never taken a break in my life, I do not know what a break means. But I'm used to it because I worked a lot as a cook.

"I did three jobs in England, so even if I had a day off I always looked to take advantage of it and work."

Akis confessed that he decided to take up cooking because he simply wanted to leave his home, while having enrolled in a cooking school in Athens and having worked in Greek restaurants, he decided to try his hand in England, without knowing anyone, nor the language at a good level.

"Because I had never traveled abroad before, I booked tickets to a regional airport in England on my own because I had no money," he said.

"To leave Greece I had collected 1,500 euros.

"I go to the airport and charged 600 euros for the luggage being overweight, so I remember throwing all my clothes in the trash because I could not pay for it and I kept only the essentials."

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