Dead mice in Thermaikos: The phenomenon does not cause concern, scientists say

dead mice rodents

The appearance of dead mice is attributed to the overflow of the city's sewage system during the heavy rain that occurred last Tuesday afternoon.

"Apart from the disgusting spectacle, no one should worry about the appearance of dead mice in Thermaikos Gulf and the coastal front of Thessaloniki."

This is supported by the professor of the Department of Biology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Chariton - Charles Chintiroglou, speaking to GRTimes.

"It has happened several times in the past, without leaving a mark. It is something that is expected after big floods," he said to the outlet.

"Due to the large volume of water, the sewers were blocked and the animals could not escape, resulting in drowning. Then from the overflow, they were washed in the sea."

What is needed from now on, according to the professor, is for the special boat to go out in order to collect them, but something "that even if it does not happen logically, the currents will take them to the sea where they will be eaten by other living organisms."

"May the gulls be well, they can clean the sea immediately", he noted.

As for whether the phenomenon causes concern both for the life of the citizens of Thessaloniki and for the biodiversity of the sea, the professor is clear: "There is no concern, apart from the disgusting spectacle, of course."

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