Athina Oikonomakou: Watch the actress dance zeibekiko (VIDEO)

Athina Oikonomakou

Athina Oikonomakou and Filippos Michopoulos last Saturday christened their daughter Sienna-Electra. The couple chose the baptism to take place in Gythio, where Athina was born, having all loved ones by the baby's side.

After the baptism, a feast followed and both the guests and the parents had fun with their souls.

Athina stole the show when she danced a zeibekiko and sung a song by the late Giannis Poulopoulos.

"I have to have a lot of fun to dance zeibekiko and when I do I dance with all my soul.

"Only 1-2 combined songs.. completely by chance (I understood it a lot), the only ones that my father dances and that zeibekiko is probably the only dance he has ever danced in his life and this 2-3 times, one at my wedding.

"No, I do not believe that zeibekiko is danced only by men", she wrote in the caption that accompanied the video.


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Oikonomakou was born in 1986 in Skala, Laconia, where she spent her childhood. At the age of 18, she moved in Athens to study at the Agricultural University of Athens.

During the second year of her studies, in 2005, she decided to study acting and become an actress. She then moved on to Mimí Deníssi "Stage", from where she graduated in 2007.

Oikonomakou's television debut was in 2007, through the ANT1 series "Deligianneion Parthenagogeion" (directed by Christos Paligiannopoulos), with the role of student Domna Nika.

In 2008, she participated in an episode of the romantic series "True Loves" on Alpha (directed by Vassilis Tselemegou), while she also starred in the commercial for Wash & Go.

At the same time she took on her first starring role in television in the youth series "The Fearless" where she played with Giannis Vouros. The series was not a great success and was discontinued after just three months of airing.

In 2009, Oikonomakou starred in a commercial for the mobile phone company "Germanos" and made a brief appearance on the Mega Channel series, Latremenoi Mou Geitones as Danae.

In the same year, she took the leading role of Xenia Pappas in the Mega Channel series, "The Life of the Other" (directed by Dimitris Arvanitis), a role that made her known to the general public, but also made it quite difficult for her to join the leading cast of the series.

Oikonomakou had stated in an interview: "For the Life of the Other I did 30 castings with the director. I think he called me for two months every day and every day he gave me another text. I did not expect to take the role. I had suffered so much. I did so many castings because they did not want me from the channel. I was an inexperienced girl, very young, not at all known and the role was leading, very difficult and strong. So she had to convince them (the director) with many ways that I can."

Finally, the series premiered on 27 September 2009 and due to its great success, it ended after three TV seasons, on 6 January 2012.

At the same time, in December 2011, she started starring as Chryssa Maltezou in the Mega daily series, "Stolen Dreams", continuing her collaboration with the director Dimitris Arvanitis.

In parallel with the daily series, in 2014 she participated in an episode of "Do not start the murmur" and starred in the Cypriot drama series "The Ring of Fire".

In the 2015-2016 season, she starred in the comedy "The Worst Week of My Life" (directed by Stefanos Blatsou), along with Makis Papadimitriou, Arietta Moutousi and Gerasimos Skiadaresis.

From 2016 to January 2018, Oikonomakou starred in the Alpha TV series, "Ela sti thesi mou" playing the role of Faia Stathatou, but left due to pregnancy in the middle of the second season.

She returned to the series in October 2018 at the beginning of the third season. Her presence in the series continued for the fourth consecutive season.

In November 2020, she appeared as a guest art director at Greece's Next Top Model with Maria Synatsaki for the advertising of their company, Project S.O.M.A.

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