Greek officials install 150 CCTV cameras at the Acropolis anger at 'shameful' gay sex scene filmed at the sacred temple


A gay sex scene shot at Greece's ancient Parthenon has prompted outraged authorities to install a sprawling CCTV system at the UNESCO World Heritage Site to put a stop to such escapades.

The 36-minute short film, called 'Xeparthenon' - or 'deflowering' in Greek - reportedly depicts two men in face coverings having sex at the Erechtheion, a small temple in the Acropolis complex, in full view of the public and surrounded by tourists.

 'It was a lewd, terribly lewd act,' Ioannis Mavrikopoulos, the head guard at the Acropolis said. 'It marked the most disgraceful affront to the sanctity of the site.'

The short film has left authorities disgusted as they have gathered to determine an appropriate response to the unexpected situation.

Acropolis head guard Ioannis Mavrikopoulos said: "It was a lewd, terribly lewd act. It marked the most disgraceful affront to the sanctity of the site."

On Tuesday (21 June), the Central Archaeological Council held a meeting where they authorised a new security system to be installed on the Acropolis and the monuments of the northern and southern slopes.

The Acropolis complex, which includes the 2,500-year-old Parthenon, will have over 150 hi-tech cameras installed for real-time monitoring.

The CCTV camera will be monitored on a 24-hour basis by specially trained staff.

Authorities believe that the new security measures are a necessary step to preventing any similar acts from being carried out at the historic site.