Greek islands get anti-drone dome of protection in secret plan


Greek islands are set to get an anti-drone dome of protection not unlike the famous Israeli Drome Done reported Kathimerini newspaper.

According to the media outlet, the technology is slowly being implemented on the islands and critical locations around the country  over the last two months in complete secrecy.

Per Kathimerini, the system being deployed, which uses Israeli technology, essentially operates in a way that interferes with the flight capability of potential enemy UAVs. In short, the UAV in flight (whether it is the well-known Turkish Bayraktar TB2 or the more sophisticated ANKA-S) will be disoriented with interference in its existing flight plan stored in memory, and also if the plan changes while on a mission.

The purpose is, essentially, to “blind” threatening drones so they are unable to complete their mission.

It is basically a version of an anti-UAV system that has features similar to those of Israel’s Drone Dome, but adapted to the specific needs of Greece and the geographical terrain of the islands and other border areas.

Details of the program were leaked in recent weeks to the annoyance of the government, raising anew the issue of classified information linked to cooperation with friendly countries and infrastructure critical to national security.