Liverpool star Mo Salah and Miss Venezuela spotted in Mykonos (PHOTOS)

Migbelis Castellanos

The sun was burning, it was not blowing at all, but Mohamed Salah had no problem with that when he passed the Principote entrance to Panormos since he has been in Mykonos having just arrived from Egypt.

After signing his new contract with Liverpool from the Cycladic island, the famous Reds striker enjoyed the clear water, before sitting down for a meal with his friends, while he did not refuse to take pictures with some of his fans.

Video: Young Liverpool fans learn news of contract renewal

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He has rented an impressive villa for his stay and does not move around Chora much. The Liverpool star works out every morning, following the instructions for his vacation schedule.

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Marco Verratti, who was seen on Panormos having fun, also set foot on the island, while in the previous hours he too was enjoying his dips in the Greek waters with his partner.

However, he did not appear at a well-known club in Mykonos Town last night, although he had made a reservation.

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Salah and Verratti had the opportunity to talk to each other up close, discussing the football happenings next to the sea.

The island has its usual fair share especially in July, which is considered to be the peak month of the season in terms of receipts, but there is no shortage of the usual grumbles from some as it is overcrowded.

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In Nammos, a large group of Arabs on the beach - around a dozen people - opened three 1.75 litre Clase Azul, a three litre Belvedere and two three litre bottles of Miraval, raising the bill to around 20,000 euros.

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Looking at them with wonder was Migbelis Castellano, an impressive beauty - who had been crowned "Miss Venezuela" - who was with two of her friends from Miami in Psarou, while in the evening she chose Interni.

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