From Andros to son-in-law of the Jordanian King - The story of the Thermiotis family

Andros Thermiotis

With origins from Andros, 28-year-old Dimitrios (Jimmy) Thermiotis, who after a three-year relationship with the charming princess Iman bint Abdullah, the eldest daughter of Jordan's King Abdullah II and Queen Rania, made the decision to formally ask her parents to marry the princess.

The businessman of Greek origin was born in 1994 in Caracas, Venezuela. He is the son of Alexandros Thermiotis and Corina Hernández, while he also has two younger siblings, Alexia and Alejandros.

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His Greek grandfather

According to Proto Thema, Dimitrios received his name from his grandfather, who was one of the richest Greeks in Venezuela. Born in 1922 in Andros and raised on the island, at some point he made the decision to spread his wings and go abroad.

Life sent him to Venezuela, where Jimmy Thermiotis, after founding a number of companies, then managed to secure the Dior franchise for the South American country.

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Together with his wife, Leonor Felizari, they managed to create a loving family, having three children Alexander, Diana and Katerina.

Together they made a lot of charity, but also trips to Greece, most recently in 2017 when they all visited their beloved Andros and the Panachrantou Monastery, where Dimitris Thermiotis had the opportunity to see his dear friend and abbot Elder Evdokimos after 35 years.

One year later, specifically in October 2018 , the patriarch of the Thermiotis family, passed away in Miami.

The studies and meeting the princess

28-year-old Dimitris Thermiotis is the first grandchild of the rich family and has studied Business Administration at Florida International University, where he also received a Bachelor of Science in Business.

He is the co-founder of Outbound Ventures LLC, a private equity and venture capital firm in New York. Outbound Ventures LLC was founded in 2015 and has revenues in the millions.

After graduating from university, he worked at DPM , an asset management company based in New York, while from 2018-2020, he also worked with AMARLA as Head of Business Development based in Athens, Greece.

The company is one of the largest retailers operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

It is said that the name Jameel, as Queen Rania called him in her message when she announced her daughter's engagement, is due to the fact that Jimmy, due to his Christian faith and his relationship with the princess, should convert to Islam .

The couple has been together for three years, while they met in New York. Princess Iman recently finished her studies at Georgetown University, USA, where her father and King Felipe VI of Spain also studied.

The couple's relationship was a surprise, as no matter how difficult it seemed, they kept her away from everyone for a long time until the moment Dimitris decided to propose to her.

In a modest ceremony between the two families, the young man proposed to the princess wearing a stunning white gold ring with a large emerald diamond.

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