Archbishop Makarios of Australia sues blogger for defamation


His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia is suing a blogger for defamation who accused him of misappropriation of funds to fund a lavish lifestyle, reported the Daily Telegraph.

According to the media outlet, Archbishop Makarios has hired barrister Sue Chrysanthou QC, one of the country's best silks, to take on the case against blogger Alkis Morelas, and filed defamation proceedings against him in Sydney's Federal Court this year over four articles written by the blogger since August 2021.

One of the pieces by Morelas made serious accusations against senior clergy alleging they were "burning ice, ecstasy and coca instead of incence in our churches?", "sex shops, abortions and peculiar monks" whilst also alleging sexual affairs with married parishioners.

"They are not representatives of God but representatives of Satan, diabolical men hiding their filth under their cassocks," Morelas allegedly wrote which is included in the court documents.

Ms Chrysanthou said, "shocking allegations" were being made against people who could not defend themselves as they were not party to the lawsuit.

Other accusations made by Morelas included that the Archbishop had allegedly used funds to have a lavish lifestyle, cars, expensive robes and trips to Europe.

Ms Chrysanthou argued that the car, robes and trips to Europe were all legitimate whilst adding that she finds the allegation of expensive cassocks with 'extravagant trimmings' rather strange.

"I can step in with 42 years' experience and say that's what they wear. That's the tradition of the church"

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