Greece calls on Europe to do more on energy security

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Greece has called on Europe to do more in the areas of energy security given the current insecure climate and energy crisis sparked by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

╬Ľurope "needs initiatives towards energy security and dealing with the energy crisis, along with a better European coordination in policies to addressing the economic impact of the energy crisis," Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Monday.

Speaking to reporters, on the sidelines of a Eurogroup meeting, Staikouras noted that the European economy was surrounded by heightened risks in the fields of growth and inflation.

The Greek economy, along with all other European economies, is affected by this external crisis, but it has showed increased resilience, strong dynamism, satisfactory consumption, increased investments, a good course of tourism and a shrinking unemployment, it was added.

However, he stressed that European initiatives were needed towards energy security and addressing the energy crisis.

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