Turkish media: Mitsotakis and the Greek lobby harassed Turkey's efforts for the F-16 and F-35

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Concern and irritation prevails in Ankara regarding the armament upgrade of Greece, but also the role of the Greek lobby in the USA which puts a "brake" on Erdogan's plans, as evidenced by government-controlled Turkish media.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is in the sights of the media and analysts in Turkey. They speak directly about the air superiority of our country, after the acquisition of the Rafale, the upgrade of the F-16 and the possibility of purchasing the F-35.

"Recently, especially since Mitsotakis took over the government, we see that he is pursuing a double policy against Turkey. On the one hand, it follows an expansive and aggressive policy, while on the other hand it acts as if it is supposedly seeking a dialogue with Turkey," journalist Cüneyt Özdemir said.

"But on the other hand, it does not end its expansionist and aggressive policies. From this point of view, of course there is a big reaction from Turkey towards the Mitsotakis government," he continued.

Speaking on a CNN Türk show, Özdemir accused the Greeks of having a "complex" with the Turks, arguing that the Greek media "sleep and wake up every day" with Turkey.

"Greece, it is difficult to choose the words, but it seems that it does not stop doing everything it can to cause tension. (…) They have a big complex with Turkey.

"They are afraid and hesitant towards Turkey, they want to take various measures and maintain a climate as if a war with Turkey is going to break out tomorrow.

"Both the Greek people and the Greek media."

According to the Greek lobby

The US Greek lobby is also in the crosshairs due to what it has achieved recently by stopping Turkey's acquisition of the F-35 and F-16 from the US. The reports of the pro-government network Haber Global are typical.

"The Greek and Greek Cypriot lobby that seeks to prevent the sale of F-16s from the United States of America to Turkey, has now mobilised for the next stage," Haber Global reported.

"Do you know that the amendment providing conditions for the sale of F-16s was voted in the Parliament of the Representatives and now the purpose of the lobby is to pass this amendment through the Senate.

"Greece is making an intense effort to prevent the signing of an agreement between Turkey and the US for the F-16. The first step was taken last week in the US Congress, where the amendment presented by the Greek lobby, which makes it more difficult to sell F-16s, was passed.

"It's the Senate's turn, where the Greek and Greek Cypriot lobbies have been activated again, where pressure is being exerted for a vote."

The report targets the Greek-American Senator Chris Pappas, who is a major reason for the freeze on Turkish plans.

"You know that the amendment that provides conditions for the sale of F-16. The name of the protagonist is the same. Democratic Congressman Chris Pappas, who is of Greek descent, said he was deeply troubled by President Biden's decision to support the sale of F-16s to Turkey.

"He argued that a possible sale is setting the stage for a conflict in the Aegean.

Pappas, who does not hide his anti-Turkish views, said that he will do everything to pass through the senate the amendment that makes it difficult to sell the F-16."

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