Julia Alexandratou: "The baby is freaking out" (VIDEO)

julia alexandratou

Julia Alexandratou is expecting her first child and announced it herself a days ago through her personal Instagram account. The model, although in recent years has moved away from the public eye, has become very active on social media and shares moments from his life with her online followers.

Julia visited her gynecologist and in a story she uploaded, the heartbeat of the fetus can be heard.

"The baby is freaking out," she jokingly wrote on a post. Her doctor is heard saying "super" and she replies "unbelievable".

Listen to the fetal heartbeat in the video:

In a story she shared on Instagram days ago, the expectant mother is lying down and caressing her belly with her hand. On top of the snapshot he wrote: "Baby loading".

See the photo

Julia Alexandratou

At the moment, Julia Alexandratou has not announced who the father of the child is.

The last relationship that saw the light of day was her marriage to Christian Karpozillo a few years ago, where she gave up her life in Greece for Austria.

The model moved permanently back to Greece after their separation and in an earlier interview, she had stated the following:

"With Christian, the circle of our common life has closed and the competent courts are those of the country where we got married. For two days now I have been living permanently in Greece, specifically in Psychiko. My furniture also arrived. I'm not going to act in porn movies again. Sex over, what interests me now is to look at my career. I have a great appetite for new things and businesses. It will be a creative period for me. Far from my past."

The negative messages and the angry reaction

After revealing her pregnancy, Julia Alexandratou has received a lot of negative comments. However, she herself is experiencing one of the happiest periods of her life and tries not to deal with criticism.

The model in recent years has decided to stay away from the public eye and does not share her news, except with her online followers on social media.

A few days ago, she announced her pregnancy through her personal Instagram account, with a photo that showed her lying in bed stroking her belly. On the snapshot he had written: "Baby loading".

In a new post, Julia Alexandrou "lashed out" against all those who have something negative to say to her, without respecting her pregnancy and the baby she is expecting.

"You're not going to get anything from the cholera you're giving out. Go to a doctor to clear your soul. Animals. Rubbish", she wrote in an Instagram story.

Julia Alexandratou

She then posted another photo on her story showing her baby's ultrasound. On the snapshot she wrote: "Ultrasound. My baby."

Julia Alexandratou

Finally, she revealed that pregnancy is probably not an easy task for her. In particular, she published a snapshot of herself wearing her swimsuit and wrote above: "Pregnancy can't stand it", while asking her followers to give her advice.

Julia Alexandratou

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