67-year-old Greek man grows cannabis only 70 metres from police station!


A 67-year-old man had the audacity to grow a hashish plantation literally under the noses of the police, in two specially designed areas in reeds that are only 70 metres away from the building of the Police Directorate of Ilia!

The comings and goings of the old man at the scene came to the attention of the Narcotics Prosecution, who suspected that something was hiding in hiding.

On Wednesday, they searched the area and discovered a mini-plantation with 12 cannabis seedlings, which were uprooted.

The 67-year-old was arrested and during a search by the police at his home, they seized 87.3 grams of raw cannabis. A case file was filed against him for cultivation and possession of drugs, with which he was taken to the District Attorney of Ilia.


Elsewhere, a man in Agrinio, loaded with drugs, was arrested on Wednesday night.

He was found in possession of 32.2 grams of processed "chocolate" cannabis, 8.2 grams of raw cannabis and a metal grater with drug residue.

The perpetrator was arrested and brought to the Magistrate of Agrini and accused of drug trafficking.

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