Sabah: "Conflict with Turkey will bring disaster to Greece"

Sabah Turkish navy ships

"If Greece's actions against Turkey eventually lead to an armed conflict, there will be unpleasant consequences for both countries," writes the editor of the pro-government newspaper Sabah, Mehmet Barlas, presenting Greece as the "source" of challenges in the Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.


Barlas recalls the events that led in 1922 to the defeat of Greece in Asia Minor and the destruction of Smyrna that followed, as well as the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, or the so-called "Peace Operation" as the Turks defiantly call it.

"The Greeks should not forget the past," emphasises the Sabah columnist, noting: "With provocative actions and bellicose cries against Turkey, Greece will get nowhere and bad things will happen to it."

Although he claims is in favour of peace between the two countries, saying that "Turkey should not think of war", Barlas emphasises that Greece should be reminded of 1922 as an example of what can happen if there is a war with Turkey.

"My wish is that the Aegean becomes a sea of ​​peace," he concludes in his article.

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