Pension increase in 2023 will be much higher than initial estimates

OECD Greek pensioners retirees retirement

"The increase in pensions in 2023 is granted and will be much higher than initial estimates," Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Tuesday, adding that the amount has been included in the budget.

Speaking to MEGA TV, the minister said that "we will have a supplementary budget for credits to households and businesses as a result of the fiscal space created."

He added that all additional measures have been quantified, but which ones will be implemented will depend on the discussion with the prime minister and the priorities that will be set.

He pointed out that the draft of the new budget, which will be submitted to parliament in the first week of October, will include all the interventions for 2022 and 2023 (e.g. abolition of solidarity contribution for civil servants and pensioners, heating allowance).

He also announced that "it is absolutely certain that there will be interventions before Christmas."

Moreover, the finance minister said that the status of enhanced surveillance will be lifted on August 20, as he has already received a relevant letter from the two responsible EU commissioners.

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