Finance Minister Staikouras: Greece has returned to European normality

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Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said on Monday that his country returns to European normality after several crises.

Speaking to reporters, ahead of a Eurogroup meeting in Brussels, he noted that the Greek economy was showing "strong resilience and has a strong dynamism" referring to the reports released by the European Commission.

Staikouras said the Greek economy was hit, along with all European economies, from a health crisis, the energy crisis and a very high inflation rate.

The reports released by the European Commission showed that Greece will show a high growth rate in 2022 and will have the highest investment growth rate in 2022 and in 2023, while it has doubled its exports and continues shielding unemployment.

In this environment, the Commission plans to end the enhanced surveillance status for Greece during the summer, paving the way for Greece's return to European normality, he added.

Elsewhere, the Hellenic Development Bank has approved more than 39,000 loans worth more than 8.4 billion euros since 2020, the bank said in an announcement last week.

In an announcement, released on the occasion of winning the "Best Performing New Member", the Hellenic Development Bank said its activities focused on accelerating the implementation of its funding tools, with time-to-market up to three months and contributing in creating more than 18,600 new job positions.

The bank supported enterprises with a total workforce of 237,800 through its lending programmes while at the same time it is preparing its future plan, such as an innovative proposal for a Know your Customer platform operating as a link between enterprises and banks.

This will allow Greek authorities to obtain a modern and reliable data base, operating with transparency, speed and credibility, as a tool to draw companies' profiles and draft support policies for enterprises.

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