Poor challenge from Aliyev! He met with Turkish-Cypriot occupation leader in Turkey

Ersin Tatar Ilham Aliyev

The  leader of the Turkish occupation of northern Cyprus, Ersin Tatar, met with the genocidal dictator of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, in Ikónion (Ἰκόνιον, Turkish: Konya), Turkey.

According to the Turkish-Cypriot leader's written statement, Tatar traveled to Ikónion to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 5th Islamic Solidarity at the invitation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Tatar had a meeting with Aliyev, which lasted about 40 minutes. During the meeting, Tatar informed Aliyev about Cyprus and said that they follow a harmonious policy with Turkey.

Ersin Tatar Ilham Aliyev

Noting that the meeting took place in a very frank atmosphere, Tatar emphasised that assessments were made on the development of mutual relations between the two countries.

Simply put, the dictator, murderous and corrupt Aliyev, legitimised the pseudo-state.

Time for Greece to finally sanction this murderer, who has seared Western consciences by handing out at least three billion dollars in bribes to Western politicians and officials, according to News Break.

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