Love Island: Host Iliana Papageorgiou appears in reality shows new trailer (VIDEO)

Iliana Papageorgiou, Love Island

The trailer of SKAI's "Love Island", hosted by model Iliana Papageorgiou, was released through the channel's official social media accounts.

The reality dating show which has been shown in 23 countries, gaining billions of viewers worldwide, comes in the heart of winter.

Watch the trailer:

The station's official announcement reads:

SKAI ‘s announcement about Iliana Papageorgiou that she officially takes over Love Island:

“SKAI brings to our screens the upcoming TV season, the funnest reality dating show, with presenter, Iliana Papageorgiou. Love Island, which has been loved in 23 countries, gaining billions of viewers worldwide, comes like a big summer party in the heart of winter and has one and only goal: love!

“Fresh, young and romantic, ‘Love Island’ will introduce us to special personalities who will travel to exotic Tenerife, with the sole aim of experiencing ultimate love and winning the grand prize, against the backdrop of an idyllic setting.

“Flirting is the protagonist in Love Island, but the viewers also have a special role as, through a special app, they will not only be in constant contact with the villa in which the players will live in isolation, but will also define the developments in the game!

“The dazzling Iliana Papageorgiou takes us on a tour of the exciting world of Love Island! The game’s love guard doesn’t mince words, she only bows before true love!”

Love Island Greece

“Who will manage to find love among their contestants? Who will dare to become the… third person in a relationship and what temptations will the TV audience put the participants through?

“The road to love is not easy…

“Love Island, the ITV Studios & Motion format that has become a global TV hit, is coming to SKAI!

Until then… Spread the love!”

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