Renowned fashion designer Vassilios Kostetsos beaten by "Algerians or Pakistanis" in Syntagma

Vassilios Kostetsos

On Thursday evening, renowned fashion designer Vassilios Kostetsos was attacked by foreigners in the centre of Athens, believed to be Algerians or Pakistanis.

The well-known fashion designer, as he reported in a related post on social media, was with his friend in the Syntagma area, when a group of foreigners headed towards them and attacked them with the intention of robbing them.

Kostetsos' post:

"In the heart of Athens!! A little while ago, on the steps of Syntagma Square, as we were going down to go to Ermou, a bunch of foreign Algerians or Pakistanis attacked us with the intention of robbing us, blocking our way! We immediately realised their intent to steal and they reacted by throwing bottles at us, they hit my friend with a dagger in the face, injuring him, they threw me face down the stairs and no police anywhere!!!! Then we also want tourism! No protection."

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Vassilios Kostetsos

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