CRETE: Pakistani attempts to rape his girlfriend's 14-year-old sister at knifepoint

arrested handcuffs crete greek police

A 30-year-old Pakistani man has been accused of trying to rape his girlfriend's underage sister at knifepoint in Crete.

The teenage girl recounted to police how she had to flee the near-rapist and escape the worst.

After meeting with prosecutors in the Cretan city of Heraklion on Friday, the Pakistani man went to temporary prison for his attempted rape of the 14-year-old girl.

The 30-year-old, who has been living on the idyllic island for several years, had entered into a relationship with the 23-year-old sister of the teenage girl and they all lived together in the same house in Heraklion, Directus reported.

He denied the allegations against him, however, his claims did not convince the investigator and prosecutor and they sent him to prison.

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