Turkey signed a contract with Russia for the supply of the second S-400 proved false

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Ankara supposedly has signed a contract for supplying the second regiment of S-400 air defence systems and partial localization of the production of individual system components in Turkey.

Head of the Federal Customs Service of the RF Dmitry Shugaev said.

A Turkish defence official said the original contract that Turkey signed with Russia to purchase S-400 systems included two regiments, pointing out that there were no new agreements following reports of a deal for selling a second batch.

The defence official said that "the purchase of a second batch was included in the original plan and the related contract."

"The process is ongoing, and there are no new agreements," the Turkish official noted.

The deal angered the United States, which imposed sanctions on Turkey's defence industry in December 2020 and expelled Turkey from the F-35 stealth fighter jet program, where it was a manufacturer and buyer, a move which Ankara says was unjust.

It is noteworthy that Turkey has not joined Western countries in imposing anti-Russian sanctions.

Last month, Ankara had a crucial role in mediating an agreement to enable the resumption of Ukrainian grain exports via the Black Sea.

US State Department not aware of new S-400 deal between Russia, Turkey

The State Department is unaware of any new developments for Russia to provide Turkey with additional S-400 air defence systems. Still, the United States' position on the arms sale is well known, spokesperson Ned Price said on Tuesday.

"We're not aware of any new developments on this matter. Our position on Turkey's purchase of the S-400 is well known," Price said during a press briefing.

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