Greek Australian woman sues psychiatrist over her transition into a man


A Greek Australian woman is suing her psychiatrist for professional negligence after he approved her transition into a man reported the Daily Mail.

According to the news report, Jay Langadinos,  is suing psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey who approved her hormone therapy despite only seeing her for a single appointment.

In an interview with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, Ms Langadinos alleged that Dr Toohey was negligent and added: 'Knowing that I can't have children is absolutely devastating.'

'Jay Langadinos, then 19, first met psychiatrist Dr Patrick Toohey on May 7, 2010, after telling a doctor she 'had always felt she was a boy rather than a girl', a statement of claim filed in the NSW Supreme Court said.

'Jay was assessed by Dr Toohey to determine if she was suitable for transition treatment and, following a single meeting, Dr Toohey ruled that she suffered from gender dysphoria and signed off on the therapy going ahead. '

According to the Mail, Dr Toohey also 'strongly' recommended that Ms Langadinos receive social and family therapy, though she didn't receive either. Despite this, the doctor later approved surgeries to remove her breasts and womb as part of the transition.

Now, aged 31, Ms Langadinos is suing Dr Toohey for professional negligence and claims he failed to take the necessary precautions over her transition.