US OPEN GREEK CLASH: Nick Kyrgios beats buddy Thanasi Kokkinakis


Greek Australian tennis champ Nick Kyrgios has defeated his buddy- off and on the court,  fellow Greek Australian Thanasi Kokkinakis at the much anticipated US Open clash today.

Kyrgios has breezed into the second round of the US Open, after a convincing win over his doubles teammate Thanasi Kokkinakis in straight sets 6-3 6-4 7-6.

The pair will back up in the men’s doubles playing together but Kyrgios move on in the singles draw as his spectacular season continues.

Kyrgios had a couple of moments where he chastised his box for not 'making enough noise' and appeared not to have enjoyed the match saying it was saying it was a “nightmare” for the  23rd seed to go up against his buddy Thanasi.

“I played a really good first couple of sets, got on top of the match early,” he said.

“When we saw the draw, it was a nightmare honestly. We never want to play each other and he probably beats 80 per cent of the draw tonight, he’s been playing really good.

“I’ve just got so much respect for him so I can’t wait to get out there and play doubles with him on the right side of the net in a couple of days.”

Kyrgios added: “We’re going to play each other, hopefully, never again.”

Ahead of his clash with  Kokkinakis, the umpire reminded Kyrgios that sideline coaching is permitted at this year’s tournament.

“Man, don’t worry, I don’t need a coach,” Kyrgios said.