Trapper Trannos mocks road safety and drives 220km+ on a public road (VIDEO)

trannos trapper

After his familiar mocking of the police when he was arrested because a pistol was found in his possession (without a firearms permit), in a video Trannos mocks road safety. In the video he uploaded, the "trapper" appears to be driving at over 200  - 220km/h to be precise - on a public road.

Of course, the short video did not mobilise the authorities as would happen in another European country.

Trannos was previously arrested for illegal possession of weapons.

For his part, the 22-year-old said in his testimony that the gun (Glock type) was intended for the filming of a video clip. He claimed that he canceled the shoot because he did not agree with having the gun in it.

Shortly after leaving court, the artist posted a video on social media in which he said he had another gun in the car despite earlier claiming that the gun he was arrested for was not his.

"Good thing they only found one because I had another in the car," he can be heard saying, as he and his friends who were riding with him in the car burst into laughter .