Unbelievable robbery in Nafplio - Criminal suffered stroke while victim was chasing him on the street only in his underwear

Greek police nafplio

An incredible scene unfolded early on Saturday morning in a first floor house on 25th Martiou street in Pronoia, Nafplion.

According to Argolikes Eidhseis, two unmasked robbers broke into the house and at gunpoint immobilised the three family members, the two parents and their young son, tying their hands. They then took money and valuables and left the house.

The couple started shouting for help, rousing the neighbourhood who came out onto their balconies, while the family's son in his underwear and tied to the back began to pursue them, shouting robbery.

The police received a barrage of calls from neighbours and people who saw the two robbers running on the street and the young man chasing them. The criminals crossed ​​Pronoia and Synoikismus area and stopped at the traffic lights of Argos Street when all of a sudden one of them collapsed from a stroke.

Municipality of Nafplio cleaners were at the scene who, without knowing what exactly had happened just before, and rushed to help the criminal who had collapsed, informing the Argolis medical services.

The other man had managed to throw the weapon into the trash bin at the scene, while at the same time police arrived and finally arrested the robbers and located the weapon.

The criminal who suffered the stroke is hospitalised and in a critical condition, under guard at the hospital, while the second is at the Argolis police headquarters and was interrogated.

Residents of Nafplio who saw what happened described with horror the scenes that unfolded in the centre of the city.