Sophia Hadjipanteli earns £1.5 million a year! Dimitris Skoulos believes she's not a model

Sophia Hadjipanteli

Sophia Hadjipanteli has caught everyone's attention at this year's Greece's Next Top Model competition, both because of her eccentric appearance and her explosive personality.

However, she will soon be a thing of the past from the modeling competition as her role is only as a guest appearance and she will be returning overseas to continue her modeling career. After all, she is one of the most expensive models.

A report from the Proino show revealed the salaries received by Sophia Hadjipanteli from abroad.

"She arrived in Athens at a time when he was making 1.5 million pounds a year abroad. This was her income," said Fotini Petrogianni.

The same information stated that her salary is equal to or a little higher than that of Vicky Kaya. Perhaps this is also the reason why the production decided not to keep her until the end of the reality show.

Meanwhile, Dimitris Skoulos was invited to the show "Our Breakfast" and gave an interview, where he expressed his thoughts on the Greek Cypriot model.

The well-known photographer and former judge of GNTM, spoke, among other things, about the new jury of GNTM, about his departure from the fashion reality show, his relationship with Vicky Kaya.

“I've seen some episodes of GNTM and I can say that it looks a little different to what we did. We did a fashion show with elements of reality, because it is a television product, now what I saw is a reality with elements of fashion," he said.

For Sophia Hadjipanteli, Dimitris Skoulos commented: "It's a character, not a model. She doesn't have the height, she can't walk the runway. It's one thing to talk and watch fashion and another to work. She has done things because of the uniqueness of her eyebrows, but in a different category.

"Fashion models have certain standards, in terms of weight and height. 99.9% of customers want models with the classic model term."

As for why he did not stay on the model competition jury, the photographer said: “They took me, they told me they're going to make some changes and it's not going to be us. If the signatures do not fall, the hands do not count nor the words."

"We had no update, I was upset at first, I was thinking what I did wrong but it turned out that there is nothing, since there is no replacement anyway. They had to support the choice of Vicky, who wanted to change everything. It was all us. We weren't friends and we're not going to be."

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