How Cisco will transform Syros into the technological capital of the Aegean


At the beginning of November, the inauguration of the new international innovation centre in Syros, a project developed by Cisco in collaboration with Onex, is scheduled to take place.

After the start of the operation of the innovation centre two years ago in Thessaloniki, the American technology giant chose this time the island of the Cyclades, in order to create the second innovation hub it has in Greece.

The operation is expected to have started and officially by the end of the year.

In fact, Syros was not chosen by chance to host this specific project, which first came to light about two years ago as it is essentially an international centre for marine technology and innovation, which will be housed in a 600 sq.m. area within the Neorio shipyard facilities.

"The specific centre will function as an incubator, providing, for example, various startups with the tools to develop their idea, following the Thessaloniki model," the general manager of Cisco for Greece Antonis Tsiboukis said to Capital on the sidelines of the Beyond Expo in Thessaloniki.

He continued by saying: "At the same time there will be a training area where certifications will be given".

In addition, it will provide a range of technological tools to shipping businesses to balance their economic and environmental sustainability. "We plan to make a smart marina and a smart port," pointed out the head of Cisco for Greece.

At the same time, the centre will seek to interface with research centres and universities with the aim of upgrading digital skills through training and the provision of digital tools.

The whole project aims to transform Syros into the technological capital of the Aegean. It should be noted that so far Cisco has a total of 15 innovation centres in the world, with the one in Syros being the 16th, while it is not excluded that in the long run it will also create a third innovation centre in Greece.

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