Chinese attack on Europe and Greece with a... Trojan horse - Nio

Nio Chinese electric car europe

The Chinese startup Nio, which specialises in electric mobility, wants to bring its products to Europe as well, a few months after their presentation in China.

The Chinese company has in its plans a large-scale landing in the European market and as everything shows, this will be done with a completely new name.

Nio announced the establishment of a new electric car brand in 2021 but its name has not yet been decided. This new brand will focus on smaller cars than what Nio has so far in Europe, as Nio President and Co-Founder Lihong Qin confirmed in a recent interview.

Nio Chinese electric car

This new brand wants to position itself in European markets that have high sales of mass-produced cars, but not in Germany where the premium brands BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are dominant. For this reason, as Qin pointed out, "it's better to start with France, Italy and Spain because of the different market structure."

Nio has unveiled plans to launch its premium brand in Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark following its 2021 European market debut from Norway. Over the next year, Nio will be launched in the UK, as well as in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg.