MEP Nina Kasimati reports the extreme rhetoric by Albanian PM Edi Rama

Nina Kasimati Edi Rama

A verbal attack by the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has been reported by the parliamentary representative of the party of the European Left in the Council of Europe, Nina Kasimati.

According to Kasimati’s post, the “extreme verbal attack” by Edi Rama took place after her question in the Plenary regarding Turkey’s aggression.

Nina Kasimati, as she stated, said to the prime minister of Albania:

"Although in this tactless way, you are aware that we are very determined to help Albania and other countries of the Western Balkans to fulfill the process for Albania's membership.

"Do you think that Albania's adherence to European values ​​would be incompatible with the policy of synergy and actors like Turkey that undermine human rights and influence cooperation?"

Edi Rama's response:

"I will go back to the lady, I don't know where she comes from because she didn't introduce herself. From Greece? Now I understand why she is worried about the relationship with Turkey. Like Greece and Italy, all three are the same and are defined as strategic partners in our foreign policy.

"I didn't understand your question. You have your own problems, I hope you choose between dialogue and international justice, but when it comes to us, we do not compare and choose between our friends and partners because we have learned from the past that neighbors are there to stay forever."

The result of his statement, as reported by Nina Kasimati, was “a reaction from the heads of all the political groups, who unanimously decided as a sign of displeasure not to attend the official dinner that the Albanian was planned to host for them on Wednesday”.

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