CRETE: Pakistani man who left his brother to die faces manslaughter charges

crete handcuffs arrested Pakistanis

The 39-year-old Pakistani who beat his sick brother and left him bleeding for days until he finally breathed his last, testified to the Rethymno investigator today. The indictment was changed and now he has been charged with manslaughter.

Initially, he had been prosecuted for fatal exposure, however the Rethymno First Instance Prosecutor made the charge even heavier as he concluded that he left his brother in a miserable condition without offering him help, despite knowing that he was facing serious health problems, Proto Thema reported.

He, however, maintains that he took care of his sick brother and denies that he did not try to save him.

On Saturday morning, the perpetrator called an ambulance to the room given to them by a breeder the two brothers work for in the Agouseliana area, but it was already too late for the 32-year-old.

As it emerged from the investigation, the injuries on his body came during a fight that the two brothers had several days before, but the lack of medical treatment combined with the burdened state of his health caused his death.

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